Saving and The Suspect We available to order

This spring is a busy one for me, and due to the fates, TWO books have been delivered, though the gestation has been long. The Suspect We, a beastly-sized book published with Palimpsest, was written over 2020 in correspondence and collaboration with Roxanna Bennett. We cared for one another in poetry as we reflected on the lack of care in Canlit as related to its enforced conformity of normativity. I do think it’s the first disability-informed correspondence-based collaboration in Canada. I must shout out Jim Johnstone’s editorial care with this one; he wrestled the book into its current form. If you’re interested, order here.

Saving from Great Plains has been worked on since 2012. The memoir concerns my madness and autism as it impacts family life, experience that soon exists with the co-incident serious illnesses of my children whom receive what I deem as inadequate care in the socialized medical system. We survive despite that system and discover little oases of self-care along the way. Order here to read about intergenerational disability.