In 2018, I successfully defended “Companions in this Age,” my Ph.D. dissertation on the representations of pain in Canadian literature under Dr. Lorraine York. The dissertation blends together disparate methodologies taken from the fields of disability studies, literary studies, biomedicine, science & technology studies, and trauma studies. Also in 2018, my Ph.D. work was acknowledged with SSHRC’s $50,000 “Talent” award bestowed on a single doctoral candidate once per year.

Broadly, my research interests concern biomedicine, disability studies, and Maritimity. As much as possible, I corral these interests using poetry as a substrate.

If you are interested in seeing a list of scholarly publications, please click here. At present I am completing my obligations to SSHRC on a fellowship basis with McMaster as the host institution, investigating the co-creation of Canadian literature and socialized medicine. I also happily teach undergraduate medical students and residents based out of the Waterloo campus, believing that biomedical and scholarly humanities forms of knowledge generation are not incompatible. If you are a medical student interested in taking an elective with me, click here.