New Brunswick

Publisher: Biblioasis
My fifth trade book of poems mourns the dead, skewers enduring stereotypes of the province, engages in self-critique, finds time to not-heal and not-understand while allowing my home the final word. One long poem in the book was awarded the Robin Blaser Award by The Capilano Review in 2015 and another poem appeared in The Best of the Best Canadian Poetry 2017.

Constructive Negativity

Publisher: Palimpsest
Poison pill or love letter? Both. More. A unique book that collects together writing from over twenty years, as well as containing new material written for this book alone, Constructive Negativity begins by thinking through the deformations wrought in Canadian poetry by prizes, arguing that the only way to survive this emperor is to speak one’s mind in reviews. The second section covers many Canadian writers with invisible disability. Both sections offer a model of how and why to write criticism, by demonstrating personal investment in the value of art. Essays from the book have appeared in Poetry, Maisonneuve Magazine, Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Notes & Queries, Wordgathering, and many other periodicals.

Margin of Interest

Publisher: Palimpsest
As a poet, I grew up reading the bracing critical prose in PQL’s books of criticism on Canadian literature. With Margin of Interest, I am proud to now have a book in this series that covers poetry written in/of the Maritime region. I respectfully write of Mi’kmaw poetics from the subject position of curious settler while problematizing the settler frame; I add to the theoretical work done on regionalism; and, as always, I write with passionate engagement and bring to bear my own personal history.

Affect Trilogy

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