Season II of The Negative Review

October 2021: A guest post by John Nyman on exploring whiteness in Canadian poetry. 

November 2021: A guest post by Carl Watts on modes of reviewing in Canadian poetry. 

December 2021: Shane Neilson reviews a wokester’s book as the wokester would have, had he not gone respectable for the year his book was out. 

January 2022: Part 1 of a long essay on Rob Winger’s selection by Dionne Brand

February 2022: Part II of that long essay. (Total of both pieces, about 10,000 words) 

March 2022: An essay on Best Canadian Poetry 2021

April 2022: A review of Bardia Sinaee’s Intruder, as ruined by Kevin Connolly. 

May 2022: A review of rob mclennan’s Book of Smaller in his own style, as well as a parody of the 2022 Griffin jury deliberations

June-July 2022: Runaway Griffin Jury

What’s next? I play my cards close to my chest, this being the internet and all. Lots of fun though.

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