Season Two of The Negative Review

Table of Contents:

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Rocky Mountain Opportunity

How the Hell Did Rob Winger Get Published by Dionne Brand? A Tetraptych

Staring and Sharing: I Give Best Canadian Poetry 2021 a 1/3 Pea Rating on Goodpeas (max 5 peas)

Guest Columnist, John Nyman: The Topic of Whiteness in Canadian Poetry

Guest Columnist, Carl Watts: Reviewing Reviewing

Runaway Griffin Jury 2022

Imaginary Griffin 2022 Conversations

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 the book of smaller

Call this an avant review Part I: review of Acorn/Bissett I Want to Tell You Love

Call this an avant review Part II: hot take on the Canisia Lubrin-Dionne Brand interview in The Yale Review

Can Kevin Connolly Do Anything Right? A Review of (Kevin Connolly’s editing of) Bardia Sinaee’s Intruder

Maybe . . . Recuse? A Review of George Elliott Clarke’s J’Accuse . . .!

See previous posts on this site for descriptions of Unfit Criticism volumes 1-4. The Negative Review Season Two is Unfit Criticism Vol. 5. Due to unexpectedly impressive sales, I am only releasing the volumes as a set and I doubt there will be any left to distribute to academic libraries, which was my original plan. Price is $2500 for all five books.